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    Different Reasons to Use Supplements

    Active Republic - Different Reasons to Use Supplements

    The world of supplements is vast and impressive, and there's something for everyone.

    There are supplements to match all kinds of different goals and lifestyles. Don’t discredit them because you’re not hitting the gym daily! There are many ways supplements can benefit you and enhance your wellbeing.

    The Main Reasons to Use Supplements

    There are many reasons people use supplements, but the following are among the most compelling.


    Performance doesn’t only apply to those in a hardcore training program. There are many types of people who can use performance supplements:

    •       Bodybuilders
    •       Athletes
    •       Runners
    •       Casual gym enthusiasts
    •       Those who want more mental clarity
    •       Those who want a productivity boost
    •       Those who want to lose weight

    There are many performance supplements for building muscle and powering through a workout. But there are also supplements for energy, focus, joints, recovery, sleep, mood, and more.

    You see, performance doesn’t only apply to physical activity. To perform your best in anything, you need to be mentally sharp, focused, and energized.


    Nutrition is a huge part of any healthy lifestyle, but it’s not always easy!

    This is where good nutritional supplements come in. Supplements are never meant to replace a healthy diet, but they sure can help. For example, green powders help you stay on top of daily fruit and veggie requirements.

    You can also supplement individual nutrients like B12, zinc, various vitamins, and more. While these things are available through food sources, deficiencies are common. If you struggle with one or more, supplementation is crucial.

    Mental Health

    Like a nutritious diet, supplements are not a magic cure for mental health issues. A professional should always remain involved in your decisions.

    But as with nutrition, supplements can help. Certain herbs and vitamin blends can have a direct effect on focus, mood, and memory.

    Other things like sleep aids and energy boosters help you feel better and function better. This improves your mood and mental state. Your mental health is every bit as important as physical - don't neglect it!

    Feel Better, Do Better

    When you feel better, you do better. Active Republic has a selection of top-notch supplements across all categories of self-development. Don’t waste any more time - start building a new you today!

    Why You Should Use Pre-Workout

    Active Republic - Why-You-Should-Use-Pre-Workout

    Looking to maximize the rewards of your workout? Want to give your body an extra surge of energy to ensure you’re mentally and physically prepared for your exercise session? Pre-workout is a valuable addition to your exercise routine that can help you accomplish these goals and more.

    What is Pre-Workout?

    Pre-workout supplements usually contain several ingredients that are designed to help you improve your athletic performance.

    Some of the ingredients that pre-workout supplements may have include caffeine, creatine, BCAAs, and vitamins. There are different formulations of pre-workout available that allow you to ensure that your pre-workout supplement is a good fit for your performance and nutrition goals.

    The Benefits of Pre-Workout for Your Performance and Fitness Goals

    The ingredients in pre-workout give you the nutrients you need to enhance your workout performance.

    For example, caffeine can help you feel energized for your workout and allow you to work out for a longer duration or higher intensity. You can accomplish more in your workout without feeling as if you’re overexerting yourself.

    Caffeine widens your blood vessels, enabling more blood to reach your muscles and brain. Your muscles can work harder, and your brain is better able to focus on your workout.

    Creatine aids you in building more lean muscle mass that helps you increase your speed, strength, and overall performance.

    BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) work to minimize muscle damage and breakdown and assist with building new muscle. They can also reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.

    Vitamins and minerals improve your performance, increase your energy levels, and enable you to feel your best during and after your workout.

    How Do You Use Pre-Workout?

    Pre-workout takes a little bit of time to take effect, so you’ll want to take your pre-workout 30 to 60 minutes before you’re going to start your workout. Most forms of pre-workout are designed to be dissolved in water and drank.

    Buy Your Pre-Workout

    Active Republic has all the supplements you need to optimize your workouts. Visit us online to get started!