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    This is a natural and essential combination of 11 herbs, fiber and constructive nutrients which play a significant role in removing toxins, boosting the natural digestive system, helping in weight loss and fortifying the immune system. With the combination of carefully selected medicinal herbs, fiber and crucial nutrients, this supplement makes the body release more water into the colon softening stools and purging the colon of stagnant waste.  Benefits include getting rid of harmful substances from the body, creating an atmosphere in the gut which can easily accept pro-biotics and absorb them, get rid of any bloated feeling and help in weight loss. The rise in non-healthy eating practices leads to digestive problems, people are leaning to this product for a number of reasons:

    1. It removes toxins.
    2. Regulates bowel movements leading to a healthier gut.
    3. Helps to purge undesirable microflora (i.e. yeasts) that are believed to be one of the root causes of weight gain.

    This supplement can tackle constipation. A simple serving of 2 capsules at night will lead to looser stools.  This can lead to excessive diarrhea in some cases. To avoid malnutrition, take the colon cleanse on a cycle for 15 days and then pause for 3-6 weeks or as your doctor advises. Alternatively, or in addition, reduce the size of your serving to 1 capsule per day. 

    A Colon cleanser is an important part of a comprehensive weight loss regimen that includes a pro-biotic, sleep aid, and diet/exercise regimen.


    The Focus Pharmacology line was designed by research scientists based on the recommendations of pharmacists and approved by your local independent pharmacist.  Every product is designed to contain only key ingredients that have been reported in scientific literature to elicit the desired response in people at a safe level. Product is manufactured in the USA in a FDA registered facility. Focus Pharmacology products are designed to be generally safe when taken in combination with prescription drugs and come with the support of your local pharmacist.  Consult with your pharmacist about all drugs (OTC and prescription) that you take and any potential interactions with supplements you are considering.  They are there to help you make informed decisions about your health needs and ensure that your supplements are filling you nutritional needs safely.  


    At Focus Pharmacology we believe that the best way to get the most out of your nutritional supplements is to combine premium ingredients with premium advice.  That is why Focus Pharmacology supplements are available exclusively in independent pharmacies where you have direct access to a pharmacist who can be there to support you.  Product is also available on our website and Amazon.com for convenience in reordering although we encourage you to reach out to your local independent pharmacy for the best price and advice or call us at 435-538-9688 to speak with a scientist about your specific needs.


    Some of the key ingredients include Oat see, Alfalfa leaf, Psyllium Husk, Lacto-bacillus acidophilus, Rhubarb root, Gentian root, Aloe Vera leaf, Cascara Sagrada bark, Goldenseal root, Buckthorn Bark, Bentonite.


    The recommended dosage is 2 capsules in the morning with first meal.  If well tolerated, take 2 additional capsules with last meal of the day. Total consumption should not exceed 4 capsules in a day. You can switch up timing based on your body's needs and schedule.  For a full cleanse, take for 15 days and then discontinue while following up with a daily probiotic.  As with many of the other products of this nature, this product should not be consumed by pregnant women. It should not be taken by children.  Adults with recent health issues should consult their doctor or physician before taking this supplement. This supplement should be kept out of the reach of children.


    You will observe on your product that there is NO EXPIRATION date.  The FDA in 2017 revised guidelines on labeling food (including supplements).  For foods, Expiration dates have been restricted to products where age of product is related to safety (such as meats).  Nutritional supplements can lose some potency over time, but there is no Focus Pharmacology product that will become unsafe with age and therefore there is no Focus Pharmacology product that should be discarded simply because you have not used it as quickly.  We provide the Manufacture Date and Lot Number on the bottom of each bottle, for your reference.  However, if you are concerned about potency with your product, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Feel free to return aged product for a fresh lot.


    Some useful information regarding this product is as follows:

    • The recommended average daily serving for an adult is 2 capsules in one take.
    • Capsules Per Container: 60 in 1MO and 180 in 3MO
    • Capsules come in a dark amber bottle.  Manufacturing data and lot number is on the bottom of each bottle.
    • Each bottle will come with a desiccant pack (DO NOT EAT) to maintain freshness,  sterile cotton plug to protect capsules from breakage in transit, and a tamper evident seal under cap.
    • This supplement should be kept out of the reach of small children.
    • Focus Pharmacology is a premium product and consequently attracts the attention of counterfeiters.  If your product was acquired outside of this website, a pharmacy, or from our partner amazon seller "Sports Nutrition Zone", contact us with where you got the product, and lot number as it may be counterfeit and we will happily replace it with legitimate product at no cost to you.