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    Testosterone levels in the blood in both women and men peak in their 30s and decline with age and may be one of the biggest contributors to "aging".  This supplement is recommended for both man and women. Focus Pharmacology testosterone supplement combines 7 herbs published in the scientific literature as having a measurable impact on testosterone levels in the body.  Testosterone is the hormone which is responsible for the vitality, muscle growth, energy and overall growth of the human body. If you do an intense workout for 45 minutes, your body’s testosterone levels should be at a considerable figure so that the body’s ruptured and damaged tissues can easily recover and build new strands of protein to strengthen the muscles. If your body is not generating enough testosterone, you can face a wide array of problems including obesity, reduced sexual desire/satisfaction, reduced energy, poor mood, longer recovery periods after work outs, and much more. All of this can severely affect the quality of your life style. People who face obesity often have lower testosterone levels in their bodies than the average healthy man.


    Because this is a food supplement, this product cannot be resold. Instead of a general return policy we have a lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Feel free to try the product out and if you are not satisfied with any Focus Pharmacology product, you may return it either to the pharmacy where you got the product or directly to us for a full refund.


    The Focus Pharmacology line was designed by research scientists based on the recommendations of pharmacists and approved by your local independent pharmacist.  Every product is designed to contain only key ingredients that have been reported in scientific literature to elicit the desired response in people at a safe level. Product is manufactured in the USA in a FDA registered facility. Focus Pharmacology products are designed to be generally safe when taken in combination with prescription drugs and come with the support of your local pharmacist.  Consult with your pharmacist about all drugs (OTC and prescription) that you take and any potential interactions with supplements you are considering.  They are there to help you make informed decisions about your health needs and ensure that your supplements are filling you nutritional needs safely.  


    • Increasing energy and libido
    • A very encompassing product for both men and women
    • Increased muscle recovery rate for athletes
    • Fat loss and increased muscle mass


    Magnesium, Zinc, Tribulus Terrestris, Chrysin, Horny Goat Weed, Longjack, Saw Palmetto Berries, Hawthorn Berries,and Cissus Quadrangularis.

    This supplement is derived from natural herbs and does not include any sort of harmful chemicals. Some people use performance enhancers to up their game. These performance enhancers almost always have steroids in them. But that is not the case for this supplement. This supplement is steroid free. This is a very big and important feature as steroid based products are only available by prescription.


    For maximum effect, take 1 serving (3 capsules) with at least 8oz of water before bedtime. People with a history with any kind of ailment should consult their doctor first.  Not recommended for Children under 18. Adults over 65 should first get a recommendation from their physician.  


    You will observe on your product that there is NO EXPIRATION date.  The FDA in 2017 revised guidelines on labeling food (including supplements).  For food supplement, expiration dates have been restricted to products where age of product is related to safety (such as meats).  Focus Pharmacology nutritional supplements may lose a small percent of potency over time, but there is no Focus Pharmacology product that will become unsafe with age and therefore there is no Focus Pharmacology product that should be discarded simply because you have not used it in a while.  We provide the Manufacture Date and Lot Number on the bottom of each bottle, for your reference.  If you ever have questions about the potency of your product, contact us with the lot number and we can let you know if there has been a significant loss in potency.  If you are concerned about potency with your product, we have a Lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Feel free to return aged product for a fresh lot.


    • The recommended average daily serving for an adult is 3 capsules in one take.
    • Capsules Per Container: 90 in 1MO and 180 in 2MO (due to size constraints, the value size is a 2 month supply rather than 3 month supply)
    • Capsules come in a dark amber bottle.  Manufacturing data and lot number is on the bottom of each bottle.
    • Each bottle will come with a desicant pack (DO NOT EAT) to maintain freshness, and a tamper evident seal under cap.
    • This supplement should be kept out of the reach of small children.
    • Focus Pharmacology is a premium product and consequently attracts the attention of counterfeiters.  If your product was acquired outside of this website, a pharmacy, or from our partner amazon seller "Sports Nutrition Zone", contact us with where you got the product, and lot number as it may be counterfeit and we will happily replace it with legitimate product at no cost to you.